Following an injury, people often lose their ability to generate their regular income. If people are ineligible for income support, home care and treatment expenses, bills quickly add up and personal savings promptly diminish leaving no money for legal advice or representation. In such situations, injured people promptly lose the ability to compete against large insurance companies who have panels of law firms at their disposal.

Law firms like Advantage Legal who provide no-win, no-fee billing arrangements give injured people the ability to access expert compensation lawyers without the stress of making interim payments throughout the life of a claim. Although the compensation process is incredibly stressful, an injured person has the peace of mind of knowing that if their claim were to fail, they would not be liable for their lawyer’s professional fees due to a no-win, no-fee arrangement.

Keep reading to find out why the Advantage Legal no-win, no-fee promise is superior to other law compensation law firms in the industry.

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No-Win, No Fee Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve been injured and need to pursue a compensation claim, chances are you’re incredibly stressed about the process and are looking for assistance. You’ve probably heard about no-win, no-fee lawyers, but may not understand exactly what a no-win, no-fee legal arrangement covers. To assist you to improve your understanding, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that we receive from injured people at initial consultations. This information is general in nature and should not be relied upon as legal advice. For details about your case specific no-win, no-fee arrangement, refer to the terms of your cost agreement and disclosure.

How Does No-Win, No-Fee Work?
Injured people need to be aware that there is no industry standard for no-win, no fee agreements, so it is incredibly important that you read the fine print before signing a law firm’s cost agreement and disclosure. Typically a law firm who offers no-win, no-fee arrangements will offer to run a compensation claim on behalf of an injured person and only request payment of their professional fees and disbursements at the successful conclusion the claim. In circumstances where the claim is unsuccessful, the injured person would not be responsible for their law firm’s professional fees, but would still be responsible for payment of their disbursements as well as the costs incurred by the insurance company in defending your claim.
At Advantage Legal, our no-win, no-fee promise goes above and beyond what other law firms offer, to provide injured people with an additional level of protection. If we agree to take on your compensation claim, you will only pay our costs and disbursements upon the successful conclusion of your claim.

The inclusion of disbursements is important as they can amount to tens of thousands of dollars and is an expense that you are no longer personally liable for in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful. The reason we include disbursements in our no-win, no-fee promise is because we are so confident that our expert team will win your case and maximise your compensation, that it’s a risk we are willing to take. Your claim is worth more with Advantage Legal.
What Are Costs and Disbursements?
The term ‘costs’ is another way of referring to a law firms professional fees. When referring to a no-win, no fee arrangement, these are the professional fees which are payable by you on the successful conclusion of a compensation claim for the work the law firm has undertaken on your behalf.

The term ‘disbursements’ refers to costs that the law firm incurs to advance your compensation claim on your behalf. It includes things like clinical notes, medical reports, police reports, ambulance records, investigation reports and statements, interpreter fees, travel expenses, expert fees and Court fees.
Except in rare circumstances, Advantage Legal offers its no-win, no-fee promise to all compensation claim clients. We will advise you in our initial consultation if we will act for you on a no-win, no-fee basis and will also include it in our cost agreement and disclosure when you sign up with us as a new client so you have it in writing.

For too long, we have seen injured people treated poorly in NSW by large law firms and insurance companies. At Advantage Legal, we believe that compensation is personal and requires a tailored approach. Our clients trust us to know them personally, be available when they need us and to get the best possible rehabilitation and compensation outcomes for them. We take this trust seriously.

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