Car accidents are traumatic events. The physical and psychological scars can be permanent with lifelong impacts. Chances are that you’ll require significant rehabilitation and care in order to recover from your injuries.

Advantage Legal are expert car accident compensation lawyers who will put you first. We provide expert advice, support when you need it and work hard to make sure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Car Accident Injury Compensation should be all about You

The legalities surrounding car accident compensation can be complicated. The Advantage Legal team have decades of experience dealing with car accident injury compensation claims in NSW. You can trust that our senior lawyers will provide you with expert advice and personal support when you need it throughout the life of your claim. Being contactable when you need us is just one of the benefits of being a client of Advantage Legal. We’ll make sure that you’re treated like a person, not a file on a shelf. Your compensation claim will be all about you. We’ll prepare a strategic plan for you. Your claim will be tailored for you. Your questions will be answered based on your particular circumstances. We’ll make sure you are supported through your rehabilitation and recovery, and you’ll receive maximum compensation, no-win, no-fee.

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Did you know that you can receive a confidential advice regarding your NSW car accident injury compensation claim from Advantage Legal absolutely free? Simply make an make an appointment using our online booking system or get in touch by leaving us an enquiry and one of our team will get in contact with you. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more information about your rights and entitlements before speaking with a lawyer, you can use our free online claim advice tool.

Car Accident Injury Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that being injured in a car accident can be stressful. Your life has been turned upside down and its not clear how long your recovery will take. You’ve never been injured in a car accident before, but you think you have compensation rights through the greenslip insurer. Sound about right?

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from clients about the compensation process and their rights and entitlements to help you get a better understanding of what lies ahead. Its important to remember however that this information is not unique to your personal circumstances, so cannot be relied upon as legal advice. It also only relates to car accidents that occurred on or after 1 April 2023 in NSW. If your accident occurred before this time, different rights, obligations and timeframes will apply to your claim.

What do I do after a car accident in NSW?
  • Depending on the circumstances of your accident, call the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade to request emergency assistance.
  • Make sure the accident scene is safe. Where possible, prevent further accidents from occurring by alerting oncoming traffic with hazard lights.
  • Before moving the vehicles involved in the crash, take photos of the scene from different angles. If you can’t take photos, take a video.
  • Request the details of the other vehicle involved in the crash. You’ll need the registration details, the make, model, colour and type of vehicle.
  • Get the details of the other driver involved in the crash. Where possible take a photo of their drivers licence. You should also request the drivers full name, address, phone number and details of their CTP green slip insurer.
  • Before you can make a car accident injury claim you’ll need to report the accident to the Police and obtain an event number. If the Police attended the scene or the hospital where you were treated, they will issue you an event number as the incident has technically been reported. If however the Police did not attend, you’ll need to either drop into your local Police station or call the Police Assistance Line within 28 days of the accident to report what happened and to obtain an event number.
  • Request that your General Practitioner or the hospital where you were treated complete a ‘Certificate of Fitness’ for you. A Certificate of Fitness is a medical certificate that you’ll need when it comes time to lodge your CTP claim form (known as an Application for Personal Injury Benefits).
  • Call Advantage Legal or jump online and book a free consultation with one of our senior lawyers . We’ll provide you with a confidential advice that outlines your rights and entitlements and double check that your medical certificate and claim form have been completed correctly before it is submitted to the CTP insurer.
Is there a time limit to lodge a car injury compensation claim?

Time limits apply to lodge a car injury compensation claim form in NSW. The claim form is known as an ‘Application for Personal Injury Benefits’. You’ll need to submit this form to the CTP insurer who you allege to be at-fault for your accident within 28 days. If you miss this deadline, the CTP insurer will not back pay your wages to the date of the accident unless you provide them with a full and satisfactory explanation for the delay.


If the initial 28-day deadline lapses and you don’t have a full and satisfactory explanation, don’t stress, you have up to three months from the date of your accident to lodge the Application for Personal Injury Benefits on the relevant CTP insurer. It just means that the insurer only has to start paying your lost wages from the date they receive the claim instead of back dated to the date of the accident.


If you’ve been seriously injured, you may also be entitled to lodge an Application for Damages Under Common Law. This claim is also known as a lump sum compensation claim or CTP damages claim. There are a number of time limitations that apply to CTP damages claims, however the most critical to be aware of is the three year limitation date. This means that you must commence legal proceedings in Court if you are unable to resolve your claim with the CTP insurer within 3 years of the date of your accident. There is no longer a limitation period for commencing proceedings in the Personal Injury Commission.

Where can I get the claim form to lodge a car accident injury compensation claim?

Lodging a car accident injury compensation claim can be a complicated process, particularly if this is your first attempt. Immediately following the accident, you’ll need to complete:

    • An Application for Personal Injury Benefits; and
    • A Certificate of Fitness filled in by your General Practitioner

If you have sustained serious injuries and have incurred financial and other losses, you’ll also need to complete:

    • An Application for Damages Under Common Law

You can download these documents at

We recommend that you obtain legal advice from Advantage Legal before sending any of these documents to the CTP insurer responsible for your claim. It is common for injured people and General Practitioners to make simple errors which can cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our team will review the documents and make sure that everything is accurate based on your personal circumstances.

Where can I download the medical certificate to lodge with my car injury compensation claim?
A specified medical certificate must accompany the Application for Personal Injury Benefits in order to lodge a car accident injury compensation claim in NSW. The medical certificate is known as a ‘Certificate of Fitness’ and can be downloaded at 
What injury compensation can I claim after a car accident in NSW?

The NSW motor accident injury compensation scheme has been designed to assist people with threshold injuries (a term defined in legislation) to return to work promptly after their accident and to compensate people who have been more seriously injured. The three most common scenarios that are encountered in the NSW motor accident compensation scheme are below:


    • At-Fault or Mostly At-Fault – If you were mostly at-fault or entirely at-fault for the car accident, you are entitled to claim up to 52 weeks of statutory benefits from the CTP insurer. This includes treatment, home and personal care and partial income replacement.

    • Threshold Injuries but Not At-Fault – If you sustained a ‘threshold injury’ such as bruising or soft tissue strain, but were not at-fault for the accident, you are entitled to claim up to 52 weeks of statutory benefits including treatment, home and personal care and partial income replacement.

    • Non-Threshold Injuries and Not At-Fault – If you sustained an injury considered to be ‘not a threshold injury’ and were also not at-fault for your accident, you may be entitled to claim:

        • Treatment
        • Home and personal care
        • Partial income replacement.
        • A lump sum for past and future income loss including superannuation
        • A lump sum for pain and suffering.
What is a ‘minor injury’?

The term ‘minor injury’ was used in the NSW motor accident injury scheme to determine entitlements for people injured between 1 December 2017 to 31 March 2023. From 1 April 2023 the term was amended in motor accident legislation to ‘threshold injury’ and applies to any CTP claim open as at that date.  For more information please read our FAQ – What is a ‘threshold injury’?

What is a ‘threshold injury’?

A ‘threshold injury’ is a concept defined in the NSW Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017. The legislative term ‘threshold injury’ is a way of determining which people are entitled to statutory benefits and/or compensation for more than 52 weeks after an accident.


Practically, a threshold injury can usually be identified as follows:


  • Physical Injuries – a soft tissue injury. This is commonly referred to as ‘whiplash’ or as ‘muscular strain’.
  • Psychological Injuries – a psychological diagnosis of adjustment disorder or acute stress disorder.

CTP insurers regularly categorise injuries as ‘threshold injuries’ incorrectly. This can be due to a lack of understanding, due to a failure to correctly consider the medical information before them or due to time pressures. Whatever the reason, an incorrect threshold injury categorisation can cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


If you’ve received a threshold injury classification on a liability notice from your CTP insurer, you should seek legal advice urgently from an Accredited Specialist at Advantage Legal. Our lawyers will review the determination, advise you on your rights, obligations and entitlements.

Can I dispute a CTP insurer’s decision about my claim?

Most decisions that a NSW CTP insurer makes on a motor accident injury claim which impact an injured person’s rights and entitlements are reviewable in the Personal Injury Commission. The CTP insurer is required to provide you with notice of their decision in writing. You may request an internal review of that decision within 28 days. Once reviewed, if the CTP insurer maintains or alters their initial decision and you still disagree with their position, you are then permitted to lodge a dispute with the NSW Personal Injury Commission. It should be noted that not all decisions made by an insurer require an internal review.

The dispute resolution process in the NSW motor accident compensation scheme can be long and complex. It can also be particularly stressful on injured people who are unfamiliar with the requirements and formalities of the process. If you would like an experienced team of experts to manage your dispute, get in touch with Advantage Legal. Our initial consultation is free and we’ll provide you with a confidential advice, so you know where you stand.



How much is my car injury compensation claim worth?

If you were injured in motor accident, sustained an injury which is classified as ‘not a threshold injury’ (a legislative definition) and were not at-fault for the accident, you may be entitled to lump sum compensation.


At Advantage Legal, we don’t use generic claim calculators to estimate compensation entitlements. This is because we believe that a compensation claim should be all about you. The smallest detail in your personal circumstances can result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra compensation. Factors such as your age, injury type and severity, your pre-injury earnings, how long you were absent from work, your plans for future employment and whether you are entitled to claim pain and suffering all impact how much your claim is worth.


Our Accredited Specialists have the knowledge and experience to maximise your compensation pay out. If you’re ready to be represented by a team of senior lawyers who put you and your claim first, get in touch with Advantage Legal and receive a free initial consultation and advice.

How long does a car injury compensation claim take to resolve?
A lump sum compensation claim arising from a motor accident in NSW is known as an Application for Damages Under Common Law. Depending on your personal circumstances and the time restrictions in the motor accident compensation legislation which limit when injury claims can resolve, a claim usually takes between 2 to 3 years from the date of the accident.

Other factors which can impact the duration of a lump sum compensation claim include the CTP insurer’s attitude towards your injury severity and settlement negotiations, whether you require surgery, the extent of your post-surgery rehabilitation and delays in the dispute resolution process as a consequence of the global pandemic.
What is involved in making a car accident injury damages claim?

In NSW, if you sustained an injury which is classified as ‘not a ‘threshold injury’ and were not at-fault for the motor accident, you are entitled to pursue a car accident injury damages claim. This claim is known as an Application for Damages Under Common Law. In most circumstances, a damages claim involves:


  • Engaging a lawyer.
  • Identifying the CTP insurer for the at-fault driver and lodging a claim form with them.
  • Obtaining factual, medical and economic loss evidence in support of your claim.
  • Being examined by a number of medico-legal experts to determine the extent of your injuries.
  • Having any medical disputes resolved by the Personal Injury Commission.
  • Attempting to resolve the claim with the CTP insurer at a settlement conference.
  • If settlement is unachievable, requesting the Personal Injury Commission or Court to resolve any disputes which remain between the insurer and you.
Do I need a lawyer to lodge a car accident injury damages claim?
CTP insurers are well aware that injured people who do not engage a lawyer are largely unable to accurately assess their claim. This is part of the reason why insurance companies have whole teams of people dedicated to working directly with injured people.

The solicitors at Advantage Legal have worked for insurance companies. Our team knows how to maximise your compensation and to ensure that the CTP insurer adheres to the requirements of the motor accident compensation legislation. So whilst it is not technically a requirement to obtain a lawyer to represent you in your car accident injury damages claim, failing to do so could put you at a significant disadvantage and cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
How do lawyers charge for car accident injury damages claims in NSW?
Most lawyers will represent you on your car accident injury damages claim (known as an Application for Damages Under Common Law) on a no-win, no-fee billing arrangement. For more information on this, please see our FAQ ‘What does No-Win, No-Fee mean?’.

Beyond the No-Win, No-Fee billing arrangement, solicitors are entitled to charge you by any means you agree to that has not been prohibited in legislation. The most common billing arrangements are hourly rates, fixed fees or event/stage based fees. The details of the billing arrangement you enter into with your lawyer will be contained in a document usually called a ‘cost agreement and disclosure’. You’ll be asked to sign this document when you first consult a lawyer.

At Advantage Legal, we believe in being transparent with our clients at all times regarding our billing arrangements. You’ll only pay our professional fees and disbursements at the successful conclusion of your claim and we’ll give you an update on our professional fees whenever you request it. To top it off, our initial consultation is entirely free and we’ll never ask you for interim payments during your claim.

Contact the Advantage Legal team now for representation you can rely on.
What does No-Win, No-Fee mean?

There is no universal definition of ‘no-win, no-fee’. Whilst many personal injury law firms offer no-win, no-fee billing it is important for people injured in a car accident to look into the detail of the arrangement they are signing up to.


Unlike many other law firms, at Advantage Legal, no-win no-fee means that you’ll only pay our professional fees and disbursements if your claim is successful. The inclusion of disbursements in a no-win, no-fee legal retainer is important as disbursements can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Some law firms exclude disbursements, so be sure to check the fine print before signing a law firm cost retainer.

Can I claim any other type of compensation?

Depending on your accident circumstances, you may be entitled to make claims under multiple statutory compensation schemes or personal/third party insurance policies. These include, but are not limited to:


  • The NSW motor accident compensation scheme
  • The workers compensation scheme
  • TPD insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

If you’d like advice on your full compensation entitlements, contact the Advantage Legal team for a free initial consultation and confidential advice.

What is a NSW Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law?

An Accredited Specialist in NSW Personal Injury Law is a legal professional who has passed a series of rigorous assessments set by the NSW Law Society.  A lawyer with this accreditation is one of the top lawyers in the state within their particular field of law.


Advantage Legal’s Practice Principals Leigh Davidson and Ana Jaglic have extensive experience in pursing compensation claims for injured people in NSW and have worked for both personal injury law firms and insurance companies in the past.  They have also worked as decision makers at the Dispute Resolution Service (now known as the Personal Injury Commission) and are Accredited Specialists in NSW Personal Injury Law.

For too long, we have seen injured people treated poorly in NSW by large law firms and insurance companies. At Advantage Legal, we believe that compensation is personal and requires a tailored approach. Our clients trust us to know them personally, be available when they need us and to get the best possible rehabilitation and compensation outcomes for them. We take this trust seriously.

Leigh Davidson –
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